Shenith_Balancing Mental Health and Productivity: A Personal Guide by our founder

Balancing Mental Health and Productivity: A Personal Guide

There are moments when life demands everything from us — our energy, our time, even our essence — while our internal reserves are critically low. I've navigated through these challenging times, where work pressure, personal relationships, and self-expectations converge into a storm, particularly straining my mental health. From dealing with burnout and anxiety to coping with a sick parent, and facing online harassment, my path has been anything but smooth. Yet, it's been a journey filled with lessons on balance, self-care, and resilience, teaching me the importance of setting priorities and persisting.

The Turning Point: a Pivotal Moment

The catalyst for change was a period of chaos in a job that progressively drained me. Facing constant stress, insecurity, and mismanagement, I realized I was prioritizing everything and everyone above myself, to the point of depletion. Falling ill for weeks, missing out on life, and dreading the return to normalcy made it clear: significant changes were imperative. 

Tips for Grounding

Embarking on a quest for peace and recovery, I explored various avenues—journaling, meditation, therapy, and more. These practices offered solace and clarity, though maintaining them was a struggle. Therapy, in particular, was instrumental in advancing my communication skills, setting boundaries, and engaging in self-reflection. Journaling served as a safe haven for my thoughts and fears. These approaches helped me reevaluate my priorities, understanding the need to separate others' crises from my own and emphasizing the importance of rest.

Discovering restorative yoga was a turning point, where I achieved peace and stillness, integrating body and mind. The prior strategies laid the groundwork, but it was through yoga that everything found its place.

The Importance of Support

Professionals were key in providing objective, transformative insights. Support from family and friends, despite its fluctuations and challenges, was comforting. Their advice, though well-intentioned, taught me the importance of discerning wisdom from those who genuinely understood my journey.

Self-Reflection and its Limits

My journey was marked by undeniable signs of distress — prolonged emptiness, irritability, and dark thoughts. These were desperate calls for a break, which I initially denied myself. An impromptu visit to my parents' home made me confront my neglect of personal health for the sake of job, image, and productivity.

The Essence of Balance

For anyone seeing their reflection in my experience, remember to treat yourself with kindness. Your value isn't measured by daily achievements but by finding a balance where mental health and productivity harmonize.

Maintaining balance is an ongoing effort, requiring self-awareness, acceptance of limitations, and being comfortable with not always being at your peak. You're not alone in this quest for a fulfilling balance.

For those seeking advice, these strategies were most effective for me:

  • Prioritizing self-care and engaging in nurturing activities.

  • Setting boundaries and recognizing not all emergencies are mine to manage.

  • Seeking therapy to navigate complex emotions.

  • Seeking coaching to navigate my next steps.

  • Practicing mindfulness through yoga and meditation for peace of mind.

  • Establishing a supportive network of understanding and encouragement.

  • Engaging in gentle physical activity, like restorative yoga, to unite body and mind.

I hope sharing my story encourages self-compassion and inspires a pursuit of balance. I believe in your strength and capacity for growth.

With love,


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